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Creating Hand-Set False Teeth in Austin, Texas

Receive fast delivery with our denture fabrication and repair services in Austin, Texas. There's no need to keep patients waiting when dentists call on us for quality dentures. Our lab ensures that everyone receive perfect smiles in a short period of time.

Dental Fabrication
Shortly after a dentist takes an impression of the patient's gums, we pick it up and begin measurements at our lab. We determine the width, length, and shape of teeth. Our experienced lab technicians are able to handset the dentures to look natural and to complement the patient's features.

Fashioning the Teeth
All false teeth require grinding and shaping. By hand-setting the teeth, we carefully make the arch correct and achieve a comfortable fit for the patient.

Wax Try-Ins
A wax try-in is used to show the patient what the teeth will look like before they are completed. We carefully melt out the wax and squeeze in acrylic. After that, we fashion the teeth to look real to give the patient an accurate impression of how their new teeth will look. We also shine the teeth in a high polish to create beautiful pearly whites. 

Relines and Repairs
We offer next-day service on relines and repairs. A reline is when an upper denture no longer fits the patient. Over-the-counter products attempt to correct this issue, but they only lead to chewing problems and sore spots. We have the skill to readjust and mold the dentures to achieve a perfect fit again. Our repairs can usually be completed in a day, and the dentures will be delivered to you.

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